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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 12, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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airport. >> reporter: there was some questions about when they would be able to reopen the runway because they have to remove that wreckage. they expect that to happen sometime this morning. possibly very soon. we can tell you when we got out here we saw lots of flashing lights. lots of vehicles out here. this is around the clock operation. we have put in some calls to sfo to try to figure out how it's going. certainly we have a distance between us and the activity. there is hazmat. a lot of work that needs to be done. this is what the airport director said last night about the urgency to get this finished. >> we are facing delays and cancellations right now. cancellations have been running 120 a day.
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getting the runway open is important. >> reporter: okay so what kind of work do they need to get done? we know they will have 1,000 tons of asphalt they will have to repave. and then they have to replace electrical. and then you have the spilled fuel and jet fuel out there that is causing hazmat. we expect this work to be active and busy. we will keep an eye on it all morning. we are checking in with sfo to figure out the progress being made. live near sfo claudine wong. a congressional delegation led by nancy pelosi toured the crash site last night. >> as emotional for us to arrive and seeing it and carrying it in our hearts all week these people here on the ground they had to deal with it
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minute by minute our first responders. >> the lawmakers say if it wasn't for the work of first responders, the number of deaths and serious injuries would have been higher. the ntsb says it could take month befores reaching a final conclusion on what caused the crash. in our last briefing before returning to washington deb bra hinted the focus is on the pilots. investigators found no mechanical issues. engine controls and electronics were all working properly. they were excited to host a student tour group from china instead they held a memorial for the two girls killed in the crash. at 4:44 this morning the emotional attribute symbolizing their loss. plus the new push in congress to close a legal loophole for foreign pilots. oakland police will be out in full force again this
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morning looking for a missing toddler. officers plan to return to the apartment where 21-month-old daphne webb lived and searched along the shoreline in oakland. family members are now getting help from the polly class foundation. the search comes after a damp dog picked up -- after a cadaver dog picked up a scent at the family's home. >> people are look at him as this bad guy. as a criminal. >> daphne's mother says her husband left their daughter in an suv with their grandmother who has dementia because he wanted to buy an energy drink. surveillance video shows he was in the store for 15 minutes and did buy that energy drink. daphne's father john webb is expected to be arraigned today on child endangerment charges. police arrested him yesterday for leaving the girl with her 87-year-old grandmother who suffers from advanced dementia.
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police say webb is not considered a suspect. he has been cooperative and is being held on $100,000 bail. am carjacking suspect was taken to the hospital after leading oakland police on a short chase. that happened at 10:30 last night. the chase ended with a crash. in the video you can see the suspects car overturned in the middle of the street there. the suspect got his arm pinned beneath the car. he was taken to the hospital with injuries. in san francisco a man was rushed to the hospital after being shot by an armed robbery. police say shortly before mid night, two suspects approached a man near the intersection of paris street and persia avenue. the suspects robbed a man and shot him in the arm. police are look for the suspects and anyone with information is asked to call police. a san jose sex crime detective has been arrested for the same crimes he
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investates. prosecutors say 33-year-old ny fregger is charges with i listing sexually exposed videos. he worked for the san jose police sex crimes unit for three years and responsible for investigating sex crimes involving minors. prosecutors say he knew the girl was under age when he requested the photos. time now 4:35. many san show say police officers -- san jose police officers are upset about -- now arbitrator ruled they will get no pay restoration. now that wasn't enough for at least one officer who is quitting. >> that is emotional decision for me to have to come to this decision that i have to go. and it comes down to my family.
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>> the mayor says the city has lost good officers who resigned or retired. he says san jose will keep recruiting and hiring. some parents in the south bay camped out overnight to make sure their kids have the supplies they need this upcoming school year. we will show you a live picture outside of sacred heart community school. they will be holding registration for the annual pack a back school supply campaign. it's designed to give low income families backpacks and supplies for the upcoming school year. after this morning's registration, organizers plan to give out about 2300 backpacks next month. shooting death of oscar death film opens in bay areas today. fruitvale station portrays
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grants deadly confrontation with police on new years day in 2009. 4:36 is the time right now. let's check with sal for an early look at the commute. >> good morning, to you. traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. let's go outside and take a look at the east shore freeway. and westbound 80 traffic is moving well all the way out to the mccarthur maze and to the bay bridge toll plaza also at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light coming into san francisco and if you are driving on northbound 280 in san jose the whole thing looks light so we're off to a good start. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very happy friday. well, yesterday what a change. 80s now through the interior for most. still 95 up in ukiah. a lot of low clouds it looked like it was trying to clear and now it's coming back. shallow fog bank a couple days
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ago. so that really cool down about 95% of the inland areas. still lots of low clouds and fog. southern california dealing with pretty good swath of that tropical moisture. it looks like it has two speeds slow and stop. a lot of 50s here on the temps. fog is making a pretty good push. system to the north right there you can see it carving itself out will be with us today. that really is a quiet pattern. breezy to wind any. afternoon temps 50s to 80s. again my forecast zone goes all over the place. there will be 90s well, well inland. generally around the area 50s to 60s. not much change. maybe a little warmer inland but very, very quiet. more than 8,000 homes in south san jose were fogged over night to prevent the spread of
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west nile virus. health officials ordered after mosquitoes tested -- the fogging is safe but people woman respiratory condition -- but people with respiratory conditions might have problems. 16 cases of west nile virus have been reported in santa clara county since 2004. no one in the county though has died of the virus. it's 4:39. police say a drunk driver is responsible for the death of a bay area yoga teacher and his dog. what wee have learned about the -- what we have learned about the suspect's history about trouble behind the wheel. all eyes on moscow airport. crystal geyser is always
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bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. good morning.
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lots of low clouds. so yesterday's temps sliding in today. we're finding out more about a crash in santa rosa that killed a yoga teacher and his dog. victor was walking his pit bull wednesday night when a truck veered off the road and hit them. investigators say the driver 33- year-old andrew was under the influence of drugs and had prescription painkillers and marijuana in his truck. >> i was watering my garden and i heard a crash. >> it was crazy. it was such a tragedy. and the dog that was laying next to him. >> investigators say he was also driving with a suspended license and just gotten off probation in connection with the 2009dui. he could be charged with gross vehicle manslaughter. police are looking for information on a body that was found buried in a shallow grave in vallejo. they released these pictures of the clothing the victim was
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wearing. like the ones pictured here. the body was found one week ago near dur street along mayor island strait. the death is being investigated as a possible homicide. time now 4:43. jurors will begin deliberating monday in a brutal gang rape case. jose montano and 24-year-old march sell low will face -- two other men pleaded guilty in the attack. they are already serving 32 and 27 year prison terms. two more suspects are awaiting trial. in florida jury deliberations could start as early as today in the george zimmerman trial. he is the former neighborhood watchman charged in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the prosecution presented its closing arguments yesterday and this morning is the defense's
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turn. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder. but yesterday the judge ruled he could also consider the lesser charge of manslaughter. >> i do not want this jury looking at this and feeling the loss suggests sympathy should be considered. >> i ask you to come back with a verdict that speaks the truth. a verdict that is just. >> reporter: if convicted of second degree murder. if convicted of manslaughter he could be sentenced to 30 years. just a little more than an hour from now edward snowden has reportedly scheduled a meeting with human rights groups at the moscow airport. if that happens this could be the first public sighting of snowden. an e-mail invitation from snowden was sent last night to several human rights groups. meantime there are reports the national security agency is concerned about the possibility that snowden had access to and
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will release files outlining u.s. spying operations against the chinese and other foreign governments. u.s. immigration authorities are now putting mexicans caught illegally entering the u.s. on flights back to their hometowns rather than just releasing them at the border. the idea is to discourage them from crossing into the u.s. again. it's also hoping the program will cut down on crime in mexican border towns where the deported immigrants are often preyed on by criminals. nancy pelosi and jackie spears says the crash of flight 214 show there needs to be a change in international flights. however the pilots with foreign licenses and crews are exempted. lawmakers are now examing which regulations and international agreements must be addressed in order to change the policy. the two chinese teenagers
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killed in the crash were remembered last night by the southern california church they were supposed to visit. >> members of the west valley christian school and church sang amazing grace in mandarin. they were part of a group that came to the u.s. for a three- week summer camp. flowers were placed on top of two unoccupied student deaths to honor the two teenagers. each day more crash survivors are being released from the hospital. san francisco general has seven patients left, two children and five adults. three of the victims are listed in critical condition. stanford hospital has just one crash victim. the person is in serious condition. now if you missed our prime time special last night on the crash of flight 214 you can watch it online at 9:00 a.m.
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this morning right after mornings on 2 and then again at 3:00 this afternoon. you can go to our website at or use our mobile app to live stream that program. a decision will be made monday on how top split an $11 million doe -- how to split an $11 million donation fund for the sandy hook victims. now the children who witnessed the shooting and the two teachers who were injured would get $20,000 each. the remaining donations would be set aside for a community fund. time now 4:48. gay activists are holding their first national blood drive today. it's to bring attention to the government's ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men. as part of today's action gay men will be offering to donate their blood at blood centers across the country even though they will probably be turned away. the current ban was enacted
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when the cause and spread of aids was largely unknown. 4:48 is the time. back over to sal who is checking in on traffic. >> all right, pam, good morning, to you. we are doing very well today. at least right now we are as we look at these roads. traffic is certainly out there. we don't have a lot of incidents to report which is pretty good. as a matter of fact, the traffic looks very nice if you are driving on 80 from vallejo all the way out to the mccarthur maze. the traffic is moving along pretty well on northbound 280 as you drive up -- i'm sorry on westbound 80 as you drive up to the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems on the bridge itself. speaking of northbound 280 here we are in san jose. northbound 280 traffic does look good getting up to highway 17. now to steve. thank you. a very happy friday morning. yesterday temperatures took a tumble inland. hasn't been much change coast and bay. they also came down a few as the fog bank wrapped up.
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a typical july pattern. tropical moisture was very, very close. still hanging out in southern california but it's now almost out of the nevada. look at the line though. i don't want to leave southern california. right between l.a.. also ocean side. there is a little bit of rain down there. things are calming down compared to yesterday. a lot of 50s on the temps. we had really cool readings yesterday. system moving into the pacific northwest we will be there through most of the weekend. looks very, very quiet for us. so fog, low clouds, sun. breezy and windy for a few.  so 50s to 80s. temperatures came down pretty far yesterday. i think they settle in here. maybe a little warmer but no big deal as we go into the weekend. could be a little warmer sunday into monday. but things look stock status quo as we say, pam.
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>> stratus quo, i like it. 4:50 is the time. there are growing concerns the entire bart system could be shut down again in a few weeks. >> we are going to be prepared for the bloodiest longest strike since the 1970s. >> the harsh words as the contracts resume. a message in a bottle found in the debris of super storm sandy. how it's helping bring comfort to a grieving mother. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. an arrest has been made in a recent string of vandalism in san francisco's golden gate park. someone actually saw 65-year- old ken damaging a tree in the park yesterday. now he's also accused of altering a park pass and feeding animals but police say he is likely not responsible for the vandalism of 200 young trees last year. there is another threat that bart trains could come to a screeching halt after labor negotiations heated up. >> we need to be prepared for the bloodiest longest strike since the 1970s if these kind of tactics continue. >> talks resumed yesterday for the first time since workers went on strike. putting a stop for several for several -- stop to service for
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several days. >> it would be disastrous. at the end of the day when people say who's side are you on? i'm not on anybody's side. i'm about getting the trains rolling. >> negotiations will continue today. both sides say their top priority is to reach an agreement. officials estimate that last week's strike cost the bay area $70 million in lost productivity. we can see a big jump in the price of gas at the end of the month. the price at the pump could go up 15 cents or even more in the last two weeks. there has also been a drop in oil. right now the average price for a gallon of gas is just about $4 a gallon. 4:54 is the time back to sal. what are you keeping an eye on. >> we are are starting off with
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a look at the 880 freeway north and southbound here. it looks pretty good on interstate 80. southbound traffic does look good all the way to hayward. there are no problems if you are are driving on the san mateo bridge westbound 92 that is a nice looking drive. also the morning commute looks good on westbound bay bridge. the approach here it is a nice drive into san francisco. now let's go back to steve. all right, sal, thank you. very good morning. tropical clouds. still kind of flirting around with southern california. most of it has pushed off. drier air moved in. more of a westerly direction. so that really over us. it was very close but now it's completely out of the picture. low pressure settling in. morning fog and sunny and breezy. not much changed into the weekend. maybe a slight warmup inland. morning fog returning to the coast. 50s. 55 seems rather popular. napa, concord, walnut creek. west at 24 travis still an on
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shore breeze. it was no doubt about it yesterday it's right back here this morning. we'll keep an eye on it and see if it continues. there is nothing that says it won't. 40s and 50s and 60s unless you are down in southern california. most low cloud deck is cleared. big fog bank breezy to windy at times. afternoon techs identifys and 70s and -- afternoon temps 60s and 70s and 80s. it's been a roller coaster ride but it looks like mother nature is going to take a break here. the message written by her late daughter 12 years ago. in 2002 when she was just ten years old she wrote a note, put it in the bottle and tossed it into the waters off long island. she died eight years later. last december her message in a bottle actually washed ashore and found in a debris from the
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super storm sandy. >> it had a message in it. i opened it. [ inaudible ] >> she says it was a quote from her daughter's favorite movie. she now keeps that bottle in a glass case next to her desk. coming up next a scandal at a bay area high school involving allegations of sexual assault and harassment. missing toddler in oakland. a little girl's mother talks in a story you will see only on 2.
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good morning. we are keeping an eye on the runway here at sfo as they try to move the wreckage of flight 214. we will tell you about the smoke coming from the lodge just a short time ago. people are looking at him as this bad guy. like a criminal. >> the mother of a missing oakland toddler speaks in a story you will see only on 2. scandal rocked a bay area high school. the serious charges that has parents and students on edge. we are live in san jose where parents and kids are
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already lined up early this morning for a free giveaway. we will tell you what they are waiting to get and why receiving it is so critical for them. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning july 12th i'm pam cook. >> sounds good doesn't it? i'm brian flores in for dave clark today. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. steve, i guess it's pretty quiet. >> it is quiet. cool down a little bit. >> nice weekend i hear. >> they are all very nice. [ laughter ] weather wise as well. now also you want really warm weather then you will have to go inland. pretty big fog bank out there. sunny and breezy. 60s and 70s and 80s inland. steve, good morning. northbound 101 san francisco looks good if you are leaving san francisco and heading down to the airport or beyond that 101 also looks good on the bay shore freeway.